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Live and Learn

The New England School of Bioenergetic Medicine is located in southern Vermont in the rolling foothills of the Green Mountains. The 'campus' consists of over 300 acres of forest and fields. The School is home to Stone Lions Farm, which is a small educational/research farm that enhances our ability to deliver our mission of regenerative well-being for self, society, and the natural world. 


The New England School of Bioenergetic Medicine (UNC) and LifeWiseU are where the magic of learning happens. Whether online or in-person all of our offerings are grounded in the principles of what we call 'the three sisters of science'; the homeodynamic synergy of awareness, action, and mastery.


Our offerings range from simple lectures and workshops to full programs intended to enhance personal and professional satisfaction.

LifeWiseU is the virtual learning platform for the farm and The New England School of Bioenergetic Medicine. It's where we get to reach out to the wider world, offering a similar variety of multi-dimensional opportunities to learn, ranging from essential life skills to curriculum that promotes the potential to access new levels of personal mastery. 

Check out our calendar for upcoming offerings.

Can't take a class or participate in research? You can still make a difference today!

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